If you are reading this page, there is a high probability that you are searching to make sense of how you feel. It may have been caused by a death, divorce, or any of the more than forty other losses that you can encounter during your lifetime.

There is a difference between those who resolve their pain and those who don’t. My counselling support is designed to give you the tools to recover from your loss. It will allow you to choose completion and recovery, rather than isolation and avoidance. It will accelerate your recovery tenfold.

Don’t let your emotions take over another day. I am here to help.

Coping with loss, death and change are some of life’s toughest challenges. Most of us go through it at some point in our lives, often more than once. When you lose someone significant, or experience a life altering event, it can feel like part of you has died, leaving emptiness inside, or a lack of purpose. You may be experiencing sadness, guilt, anxiety or just feel fatigued.  No matter what the loss or how far you feel you’ve sunk, there’s always a way back up. Counselling can be that lifeline.

Let’s Talk

Good Grief Counselling

I’m Leigh Van Dyke, an experienced professional counsellor. No matter what type of experience you are going through, I’ll work with you to find a healthy outcome and face life’s challenges with confidence.

I provide a safe space and a confidential environment in which you can work through your thoughts and feelings. Clients have complimented my common sense, empathetic approach.

Most people find one to six, 60-minute counselling sessions make a real difference, but I’m happy to provide longer-term counselling if you need it. We’ll work at your pace.

Not sure? Call or email me for a free 20-minute consultation (in person) to discover if I am the right therapist for you. Although this is a Vernon based practice, I am also available to work with clients worldwide via telephone.

I had a lot of feelings around my miscarriage. Lots of guilt and anger that where showing up in unhealthy ways with my partner. I was allowed to talk openly and honestly about my feelings and they where validate. This started our healing process.

Tracey A.

I had no idea how may unresolved losses had been buried in my subconscious and the damage it was doing. Leigh was my compassionate guide to finding them and creating a safe space to let them go.

Cory T.